Hero For Hire: A Historical Fantasy of Myths and Monsters (Eno the Thracian Book 1)

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Merlin returns to Lycenea, victorious, having defeated the Visi-Gauls in a gruesome campaign that saw the annihilation of their Southern Army and the death of their sadistic King, Jason. His peaceful reprieve is cut short however, as he must now find and expose the corrupt senator who initiated the A Novella from the world of The King's Riders!

A runaway daughter, seeking escape from abusive hands. A journeyman tanner willing to risk safety to aid her.

When Jarek steps into the alley to toss out the trash, he finds Erron and can't look away. Even when her father roughly jostles her out of sigh After dropping out of college, Jolie tries to settle into a new town and leave her mother's death behind her. But between her reoccurring nightmares about the cottage in the woods and the shadowy activities of her strange new friends, what's settling in is a sense that something-or someone-is not wh Once upon a time… There was a girl, a boy and a dance.

The girl shifted into a golden wolf and ran under the full moon. The boy was a prince with an obligation to his kingdom. And the dance was a moonlight ball for the prince to find his princess. Josef and Ella have been in love since they were chi The Ancient World Eno the Thracian sets off to find the truth about himself and his possible descent from the gods themselves. Instead he becomes involved with a race of people kidnapped from their homeland, set to toil endlessly by the will of a m When she wakes up in a strange place three days later, she realizes her life has been turned upside down.

The vampire who marked her is Nightmares or waking dreams? By day, Jeffery is the best friend of Montague the Magician. At first glance, Martha appears to be just another pedestrian teacher at Valleyville High School whose job is to make sure students get good grades. But that's just it A little mermaid.

A prince to save. Only silence can break the spell.

Hero for Hire by C B Pratt - trumgoognaacure.gq

Once upon a time… The mermaid Margareta saved Prince Erik from a shipwreck. Wanting to see the prince again, Margareta strikes a bargain with the Master of Beacon Isle. If she saves his sons from a terrible curse, he will re Yesterday's crime. Tomorrow's retribution. In the second book of the Amazon genre best-selling Pearseus series, the incessant scheming of the various players and their nebulous puppet-masters has brought about major change. Cyrus is now the new ruler of the Capital, struggling to fight Jonia's r Eleanor, a timid orphan, has no clue to her real purpose, but she also has no desire to become a subservient old maid, like the miserable nuns she grew up with.

Eleanor believes Edward, whom she loves, will save her from being forced to take vows.

C.B. Pratt

She knows Mother Superior has no intention of lettin Even though this is the last book in the "Seventh Dimension Series," it can still be enjoyed as a standalone. Just be aware that each book builds on the one before it, so some things may not be as clearly understood. Daniel Sperling enters the Seventh Dimension shortly before the return of the M Have you ever wondered what happened to the Centaurian race? The tale begins with a blossoming friendship that turns into more than human Lanae Broma could ever imagine.

Follow the story as the humans and centaurs battle over the territories and the emerging new life that compels them forward to the Just as Ricky is about to be tried for piracy, an ill wind blows a wretched soul into the ship's brig. A mysterious seaman, William Shakespeare, tells of fleeing the A new, magical adventure begins When twelve-year-old Kaira Renn discovers she is part of a magical family, she leaves the comfort of childhood and enters a place like n Elizabeth has gone through so much lately with her mother's passing.

Now she lives with her aunts and she has begun to have nightmares.

Only her nightmares are not nightmares at all, but spirit walks. Elizabeth never knew she belonged to a family of witches that dates back centuries. It is believed In their distant land of Platonia, the Gracies' ancient protectors, the Bubblers are dying; soon to vanish from the rivers and leave Platonia open to invasion.

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Only the Gemwings, mythical giant insects can restore the mag The Door is the first book in the Seventh Dimension Series that combines contemporary, historical, and fantasy elements into a "Christian coming-of-age" story. A curse put on Shale Snyder, because of a secret, shrouds her with insecurity and fear. Following suspension from school, a stray dog befrie This is a 26k words paranormal romance in a historical setting.

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How we all imagine ourselves to be the hero of our own story. Ammon walks through dreams, witnessing the powers of light and dark. He realizes who are his A young dragonfly scribe with wanderlust. A deadly ranger. Thrown together to protect all that they hold dear.

For generations, the Odonata have lived under the ever-present threat of attack from the Hawker Clan.

Hero For Hire

The Hawkers were once a noble race of paladin-protectors, masters of Chama Fogo fire ma Something is out there. And the people live in constant fear. But their biggest threat lies within their own village. Everyone and everything is dying, slowly and without hope of salvation. In a world where almost nothing is truth and isolation is the purest form of self-deception, the possibility o The people of the Zend don't bury their dead, nor do they burn them. What they do instead is build towers When a lonely corpse-bearer sees soldiers on the horizon, he knows that his ancient way of life is over.

His country is about to fall victim to an empire on the rise. An empire with a terribl Dolymtiud: the roof of Tanzia and the home of the godlike Altaicans. Their motives inscrutable, they have invited Yates and Sharp to the majikal palaces at the s This mailing uses a different sending engine than the Daily Deal itself , so some readers who miss the Daily Deal for whatever reason spam filters, timing, vacations And if they get both, even better! So if your deal is on a Tuesday only and you submit it the Monday before - that won't work for the weekly mailing.

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