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  1. Climate Change: Can One Person Really Make a Difference? | CROWDSOURCING SUSTAINABILITY
  2. Making a Difference Magazine
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  4. Making A Difference

Influences have a way of spreading like ripples in a pond. The change must come from within; from the heights of inner being.

Climate Change: Can One Person Really Make a Difference? | CROWDSOURCING SUSTAINABILITY

It cannot come from emotion or opinion, nor even from sincerely held belief. How many public figures declaim on behalf of good causes; yet how many of them significantly change anything?

Think of the fads that are embraced by millions, that fade into non-existence like waves on the ocean that rise, then fade back tracelessly into the vast body of water from which they rose. Truth is what always wins in the end. There is the story of Billy Sunday, the evangelist.

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Making a Difference Magazine

To figure out how you can take action, scroll down. Take action and change the trajectory of the story at different stages by clicking the button when you see this icon.

If you see a child at risk, call Childline. They are your first point of contact to initiate rescue or support. If you suspect a child is being held against their will, call the Police.

They can take action in potentially hostile situations. India still needs a Helpline Number you can call for vulnerable young adults.

Search the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS website

Keep watching to see how it would make a difference. It is estimated that there are 35 million children in India who are in need of care and protection. It IS a large number. But, at Make A Difference, we believe that the way to solve this problem is to build a community around these children. A community of those who care and want to contribute in whichever way then can to help build long-term solutions to this problem.

Making A Difference

Imagine what a collective of 1 million doers and believers will be able to do. We can. And we can't wait to get started! Get behind the scenes to know more about our vision for the campaign, hear from our partners, see behind the scenes photos of our shoots, and find out why we think this campaign could change the future of children in India. Go beyond just statistics and numbers to really understand what it means to be a child in urgent need of care and protection.

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Learn more about their journey from childhood to their adult outcomes. Holistic solution, individual care and attention, age transitional and customised programmes for children combined with a willingness to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes is the MAD way! Making a difference Our impact on associates, customers, animals, our community and our industry. Associates Our goal is to create an environment in which every associate knows the impact that our company has on a customer.

We want our teams to understand that they contribute to the greater goal of helping create a safe, wholesome, affordable protein supply. Customers Each one of our customers derives value from our technology in a different way. Animals We believe the health of animals and humans are intrinsically linked. We depend on the nutritional benefits we gain from production animals and rely on them to live the way we do today. Community While we operate in 20 countries, we know that progress starts at home.

In our communities our teams routinely volunteer their time with organizations that are making a local difference.