The Launch King - Street Smart Tactics For Launching Any Business or Start-up Venture

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  1. Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything
  2. Stocks to watch: MIT, Venture Corp, Sembcorp, Frasers Property, Yoma, ISOTeam, MTQ
  3. 1. Local Business Consultant
  4. Cambridge Touch Technologies Closes $10M Series B Funding | FinSMEs

Run it across devices and social channels or on your website.

Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything

You may never need to build another App. Ask a Doctor, 24x7 We are building a healthcare focused question and answer platform, where online doctors answer the health questions of online users within minutes. Social Singing platform KaraokeGarage is an online social singing platform that encourages users to sing, improve their singing and share their experience with their friends. We have developed two apps based on KaraokeGarage 1.

Stocks to watch: MIT, Venture Corp, Sembcorp, Frasers Property, Yoma, ISOTeam, MTQ

SingAlong app on Gaana. Klout for Stuff DecideQuick helps people make smart and informed purchase decisions by analyzing social data from friends, experts and the world wide web. DecideQuick provides authentic and reliable recommendations by listening to experiences and opinions that have already been The market is unorganised here as well as other emerging economies in Africa and Asia. Blowhorn is building a logistics marketplace focussing on last mile logistics in developing countries. Online Cosmetics Store in India We sell branded cosmetics, skin care and hair care products. Understand, Protect and Build your Online Reputation Employers are using social networks for background check on issues such as comments about prior employers, substance-usage, and image issues that may come across as red-flags.

Jobseekers, therefore, need help cleaning up their social media profiles so that objectionable Shopping Decision Made Simple FindYogi helps user make better shopping decisions with the help of structured data and expert opinions. Products like mobiles, tablets, cameras, laptops are scored based on their features to make it easier for users to compare and sort. FindYogi also suggest if We help the small guy, your local restaurant, salon or dentist leverage cutting-edge tools that will Catering to wider market start-ups, small biz's as well as individuals , SearchEnabler seeks to empower user's to take control of their business It's a 3-dimensional performance measurement tool that focuses on the student's career through the Discover real people near you, interact and plan a date.

A fake-free and simple social dating platform that enables people to meet more often and make their moments special. It focuses on human psychology, behavior, interests and activities to provide intelligent system for recommending matches among people nearby your PSToM defines roles for all major stakeholders in education and maps their real-world interactions on an intelligent and content-aware platform.

  1. Cambridge Touch Technologies Closes $10M Series B Funding.
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  4. The Fenian Anthology: Irelands Political Patriots?

Select a song, add context to it and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. And while you are at it, unlock records, manage your favorite artists and level up. Web Development DoubleSpring is a new media company, specialized in web development. We are a small team, but we have proven time and again that we Postman lets you craft complex HTTP requests quickly.

It also saves requests for future use so that you never have to repeat your keystrokes ever again. Get a Smart-home at a cost of smartPhone. A revolution in smart home awesomation. The smart switch allows a user to control their room ,home lighting and appliances from their smartphone. Today, field force spends large amount of time in doing paperwork which is both erroneous and time consuming. Bizom allows your field sales force to be more productive by automating their Competitor analysis for video ads Vidadmetrix tracks hundreds of online video publishers and millions of video ads, thus providing video marketers with the tools to target their campaign.

We let video marketers know what their competition is up to. In real-time. Optimization of online video campaigns Partners can offer services to restaurants and customers on the The problem: Talent Engagement is limited to likes, comments and shares on Facebook and applying to jobs on LinkedIn. The problem here is that the engagement is static few seconds that one spends Building web and mobile apps for entrepreneurs Bangalore based startup, focused on service sector. Building web and mobile apps for entrepreneurs. Love building products. This flagship product has been done as a community project.

This portal routes acceptances and regrets in a secure fashion We don't believe in making just software products. Instead, we believe in creating solutions for the financial services industry to help financial institutions Through tested algorithms and great UX, we help you Discover great products;Create a portfolio of top Digital Sales platform vHelp allows you to target visitors offline, based on the the intent they display online.

Crispify automagically transforms videos taken with phone cameras and digital cameras without need for professional editing tools.

Crispify also compresses the file-size while enhancing the quality of the video. That is the uniqueness of the product. The www of drinking - What to drink where to drink ways to drink Vgulp is a marketplace, that helps great bars, which has room for business improvement get discovered by spend cautious drinkers through a discount promotion. Friends aid in buying decisions Blonkr connects potential buyers with the right product and the right information by leveraging the power of their social circles. Blonkr is a platform built with an underlying principle that our social circles influence our buying decisions.

It uses the inertia Creative self expression platform for the youth Campus Diaries is a creative platform for the youth. Creativity and self-expression are one of the most powerful combinations to create value, tell your story and create benefit for yourself and for your community. The youth community is the biggest factor and Discover Better We are disrupting local commerce in India for now and the world, tomorrow. Wooplr is a Social Discovery Platform where people discover things to buy from local stores around them in the categories of Fashion, Decor and Food based on their location, interest, occasion Travel is a marketplace for curated travel experts to offer personalized travel planning services to leisure travellers.

Additionally, we have built a specialized collaboration platform for planning trips think: Google Docs for trip planning that acts Creating an eco-system to allow companies hire the best programmers. It is a platform for the computer science community to learn, create and share. And, it is also a one stop solution for anyone who dreams to land up with a job in companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook. A community to share hidden jobs with friends WhistleTalk is a social hiring application that solves the problem of hidden jobs for both individuals and enterprises.

How to Launch a Luxury Startup

Creating Valuable Interactions 1. FoofysApp -An app that takes you directly to what you are looking for 2. Tabify - An app designed to make restaurants run more efficiently 3. Weekly - An app to make plans and hangout with friends and family 4. MyShelf - An app that makes your shopping exclusive Technology leader delivering state-of-the-art products.

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  • The Big Toss: The Ultimate Cricket Companion A social sports platform which rewards users for following, playing and discussing the sport they love. It allows Cricket fans It helps you solve the information overload and increase your productivity. It is a unified inbox with a massive API twist for real-time information.

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    Boxure is also coming up with a powerful Clean chat rooms Chatimity is a clean chat rooms app, which actively encourages nice people to stay and puts off bad-behaving people. Goal is to solve "meet new people online" problem.

    • Mukesh Ambani: Jio was first seeded by Isha Ambani in , reveals dad Mukesh!
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    • Pyramids of Giza: The Great Pyramid Of Giza: How It Was Built In Less Than 7 Years;
    • Guitar Hero with real guitar String Wars, "Guitar Heroes to be played with a real guitar", makes guitar learning fun, easy and effective. The app provides a step-by-step learning method to help beginners learn songs. It uses in-house developed sound technology to recognise the music played We design awesome original products, inspired by India! With presence across both online as well as offline channels, the Chumbak brand Today we are a team of budding hackers, designers and Jedi warriors, passionate about changing the way we interact with the digital world.

      1. Local Business Consultant

      Its time to take mobile gaming seriously! Equal importance is given Smart electric vehicles India We are a smart vehicle start-up based out of Bengaluru, India. At Ather, we believe in the superiority of an electric drive. The technology of the future does not lag on any parameter than the technology of today. As far as EVs in India go — that is what Ather Do-it-yourself online tools for musicians Acquired in September TunePatrol. For music lovers it is the best place to discover music and connect with your favourite artists!

      Google for online shopping in India Buyhatke is a shopping research portal that helps a consumer make the best buying decision.

      Cambridge Touch Technologies Closes $10M Series B Funding | FinSMEs

      Understanding what product to shop offer and where it is offered at the best price is an unsolved problem. Indians with its vast majority who are new to e-commerce find It is as simple as using a spreadsheet. This caters to users who cannot make a successful VoIP call due to bandwidth limitations with them or the person they are calling. Hyperlocal commerce platform Delyver is a hyperlocal commerce platform connecting both retailers and consumers in the same neighbourhood.

      For retailers, it solves the pains of last-mile logistics, professional way of order booking and reaching out to the customers by putting standardized, An online Marketplace to offer, discover, book amazing things to do. PoshVine connects curious locals and travelers with a variety of memorable experiences across multiple locations in India. Everything from the more expected, must-do activities, like vineyard tours, heritage tours, insider access to the best restaurants and hot The payments just arrive, you get notified, and you concentrate on what you do best Block bots, scrapers real-time to protect your content ShieldSquare is a real time anti-scraping solution that protects online sites from content theft.

      ShieldSquare's revolutionary technology uses a combination of dynamic browser challenge mechanism, behavior pattern analysis, device and network profiling of request Storytelling on all things startups.