War of the Sexes Women in the Music Scene

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  1. How Emma Stone picked up Billie Jean King's game for 'Battle of the Sexes'
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There are also some hall of fame side categories, for important country or blues progenitors, or for people like Dick Clark; I have not included those in this list. Let me know of any mistakes or grievous errors of opinion in the comments or on Twitter hitsville.

How Emma Stone picked up Billie Jean King's game for 'Battle of the Sexes'

Also, remember that, in the real world, the difference between No. The hall execs I spoke to all made this point: Every music fan has his or her opinion when it comes to what makes a great or important artist. But enough about Bon Jovi. He is one of the three or four people who laid out one of the original pieces of the rock puzzle. He decisively introduced real lyric writing to pop music. As a person, he was less than ideal.

Sara Bareilles - If I Dare (from Battle of the Sexes) (Lyric Video)

A joyous sound that turned ever inward, leading the way for just about everyone who followed — and, with Elvis, the epitome of pop stardom. He remains the nonpareil avatar of pure artistry with all its peevish, unadulterated glory — and missteps, stumbles, and exasperations. Not even the Beatles can compete with the sheer quantity of his essential songs.

Limited only by not having been a songwriter and, whatever his psychic presence, lacking something — perhaps just the brains — to run his life, much less career, effectively. A coiled figure of impenetrable gravity. He invented funk, and performed with a blistering focus that had never been seen before and never would again. In Sticky Fingers , his recent delectably dirt-filled biography of Wenner, Joe Hagan says the hall of fame was first conceived by a cable entrepreneur, Bruce Brandwen, who outlined the basic structure of the hall, proposed an annual TV show, and enlisted Ertegun.

Ertegun moved through these decades like the son of the Turkish diplomat he was; he lived, as Hagan notes in his book, at a sex-and-drugs-and-rock-and-roll-drenched apogee of suavity, wealth, and power that a certain rock-magazine publisher yearned to be a part of. Prince has to come after Brown, but it should be noticed that he could do virtually everything Brown did — and also wrote cosmic songs, and also played guitar just about as well as anyone on this list, and also sang like both an angel and devil, and also was a venturesome and sure-footed rock, pop, and soul producer and songwriter.

Among other things, these guys were rock critics — meaning that they thought the rock of the day sucked. They thought a good song should be fast, ironic, witty, ideally evocative of the girl-group sound, and have the vocals mixed way up high. The Ramones showed us that every once in a while rock needed to be rebuilt from scratch.

And — not passing judgment either way, just making the observation — they pretty much removed the blues from a strain of rock. Johnny gave George Bush a shout-out at the induction. With the Sex Pistols the most influential and consequential band since the s; with Public Enemy the most powerful and uncompromising ditto. Leader Kurt Cobain is an iconic a figure as rock has produced, painfully and tragically seeking honesty and authenticity — and, to hear him tell it, fruitlessly. A gentle soul who died far too soon.

Battle of the Sexes () - IMDb

And his evolving growth makes his heartbreakingly early death at 21! He started Rolling Stone in ; within a few years, it had placed itself at the center of the counterculture. The inside, as Hagan tells it, was less pretty. His book is a damning tale of a striver of almost infantile ambition who, while he did encourage and pay for reams of honest journalism, had so many moral screws loose that he left decades of wounded and bitter friends, employees, and artists in his wake.

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And stories abound of Wenner letting his rock- and movie-star buddies vet their profiles. Waters is probably the greatest of the Chess Records stable, and indeed, all urban blues artists, and was an avatar for early rockers like Chuck Berry.

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The hall, incidentally, has a few ancillary induction tiers, which for the record make no sense. His emotional dynamic range is unmatched. He died in a plane crash in Squeals of lust and desire, a recklessly extravagant piano attack, and a devilish energy were what Richard brought to rock and roll.

He was one of the chief architects of the music. He was capable of more routine blues, and even calm songs. But at his best, he was personification of priapism and kink on a scale that made all who came after, even Prince, mere pretenders. His band, Richard would recall fondly, had an orgy after every show. Zeppelin were a decisive turning point in rock, in which the blues were beaten into submission by a larger-than-life guitarist and his sidekick singer, a Viking. They unapologetically purveyed the heaviest of heavy metal. They eschewed the single, forcing fans to buy their albums or see them live.

Nothing too profound in the songs, but on balance they probably have the least embarrassing lyrics of any hard-rock band. I asked Jann Wenner if that was the case. The funds went to our general account. It would be incorrect to say it was used directly for that settlement. My guess would be in the one or two hundred thousand range. The band released one studio album and played a total of eight American shows in a single disaster of a tour. And yet even today, 40 years later, their record feels as harsh and uncompromising as it did originally.

Note that even Ramones songs are fodder for commercials and movie soundtracks these days. Upped five notches because they remain the one band that has refused to dignify their induction with anything more than a raspberry. He played on their records and became their road manager. She is the preeminent blues-rock singer.

Most people have heard about Ike Turner because of his monstrous treatment of his wife and others.

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Turner was 20 at the time. All you need to know about this outfit is right here. They stood up, as Whitman did, for the stupid and crazy. They wanted to tear down everything that came before and build a better world, and destroyed themselves trying. Diddley was a big man with a gigantic sound — tribal, insistent, but somehow always good-natured — in some ways unequaled to this day. I put Diddley above people like Jerry Lee, because without his crazy breadth and humor married to his primal, juggernaut of a beat, rock would not be what it is today.

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Amid groundbreaking production coups and a cyclone of verbiage these guys helped create something new under the sun, as iconoclastic as Bo Diddley, as engaging as Fats Domino, and yet darker than the Stones or Marvin Gaye at his most political, laying down elements that, like the Beatles, opened doors of possibility that would influence decades of innovators to come and, like the Ramones, finding a new primal bottom for the music to build on once again. Over the years, there have been many rumors about behind-the-scenes fiddling with votes at the hall.

One oft-repeated tale involving Grandmaster Flash was originally reported by Roger Friedman, at the time a fairly well-sourced Hollywood online columnist for Fox News. He said that Wenner had disregarded some late-arriving votes for the Dave Clark Five in order to insure that the hall finally inducted a hip-hop artist.

The movie is about tennis, but the feeling is more intimate than that.

I asked Wenner about it as well. A singer whose artistry transcends the music. The voice she was born with could pierce glass, and her own technique embellished everything she recorded. After years of relationships with both sexes, Wenner came out in middle age. But I did ask him if there was discomfort with this side of rock on the part of the hall. Forgive me a short digression on exactly how collected Hendrix was. Note that the inductee here is not Hendrix but his band. Another hall pressure point is what to do with stars like Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Tom Petty, or Bob Seger, who did some or all of their most important work with a particular backing band.

This decision by the hall is another much-debated one. The s were awkward, after which she headed out into a jazz odyssey understood only to her.